The Best Smart Speaker for Streaming

The Best Smart Speaker for Streaming

TVs and media streaming players have great voice features, that let you playback, search and do all sorts of things without lifting your finger. All you need, in order to utilize the huge world of voice assistants, is a smart speaker. And they also double as a music player too.

The market has been flooded with different kinds of smart speakers. Like with our other device recommendations, we therefore tried to really boil it down as much as possible. We have 3 choices plus one extra, that should make the decision on what to get relatively painless.

There is one over-all best one, that we recommend in any case, because it has both all the features you need, great quality but won’t cost you too much. If you want to get the best-of-the-best we have one device that’s a little more premium. And for budget conscience people, we have a great device, for little money. Since all three of these devices are working with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, we have added one more smart speaker, that is powered by Google’s Home Assistant.

The Best over-all: Amazon Echo (check the current price on Amazon) : Great sound, amazing voice assistant and very affordable price

The Best for Enthusiasts: Riva Concert (check the current price on Amazon) : Has everything the Amazon Echo has, but add the best-in-class sound and the possibility to take it with you to the pool or vacation.

The Best on A tight budget: Amazon Echo Dot (check the current price on Amazon): All the functionality but for a super-cheap pricepoint..

The Best non-Alexa choice: Google Home Mini: Cheap, tons of features and no Amazon Alexa.

Amazon Echo

Even in 2019 the Amazon Echo is still the clear master of it’s class. Alexa is one of the best, most functionality-rich voice assistants out there. And the Echo is the best device to utilise that powerful software. The voice recognition is basically flawless.

It has Dolby certified dual speakers, which means, it makes for a great speaker as well. With over 30,000 apps available there is basically nothing you can’t do with the thing. And with all that, it’s also quite affordable. That’s why it’s our over-all favorite.

Riva Concert

Like the Amazon Echo, the Riva Convcert has Alexa built-in, which is a great voice-assistant, that works extremely well for controlling Netflix, Amazon Prime and other video-streaming services. What really sets the Riva Concert apart is the amazing sound quality, with beautiful stereophonic sound.

Besides that the Riva Concert is splash-resistent and you can add an external battery. So it’s even very usable as a portable device.

Amazon Echo Dot

When it comes to budget-speakers, there is no beating the Echo Dot. Alexa is a great voice assistant that works super well with streaming devices. Also the Echo Dot is just really well built and has a nice design, even though it’s so affordable.

The Echo Dot also surprises with really good sound for it’s tiny size. Even though it’s small, the speaker produces really nice tunes that beat out many other more expensive smart speakers. And it can get quite loud too, if you want that.

Google Home Mini

If you don’t want to go with the Amazon Alexa system built-in, you can’t go wrong with the Google Home Mini. Expect about the same sound quality and amount of features as the Echo Dot has, to a very similiar price. It’s really more a matter of Alexa vs. Google Home Assistant than anything else. You certainly won’t regret either purchase.