Best Streaming-Video Player

Best Streaming-Video Player

The amount of options when it comes to getting the best streaming-video device, is staggering. You could probably spend days and days reading reviews, looking at unboxing videos and comparing the dozens of devices on the market.

For us it’s important to streamline this process. If you have the time to do the deep dive and really research, that’s great. If you want the quick and dirty, we go you covered. We have looked at most common streaming players, wether it’s simple sticks, or advanced devices and come up with our 3 favorite options.

We have chosen one over-all winner. If you just want the most bang for your buck, the device that won’t make you miss anything but also doesn’t break the bank, go with that one. You won’t regret is. If money is not the biggest concern and you just want the top of the top, then go with our “Best if money is no concern”-option. It’s not the cheapest, but it has all the bells and whistles. And if you don’t want to spend too much money but still get an awesome experience, go with our “The best for a tight budget”-option.

The Best over-all: Roku Streaming Stick Plus (click to check the best current price on Amazon): It has all the features you need for a very affordable price.

The Best for Enthusiasts: Nvidia Shield (blick to check the best current price on Amazon): Very powerful and will give you the most options for streaming

The Best on A tight budget: Google Chromecast: Very simple and affordable. Great if you don’t want to spend too much money.

The Best over-all

Roku Streaming Stick Plus

As much as there are tons of options out there, the Roku Streaming Stick Plus really brings it all together in a sleek, well designed and suprisingly cheap package. You get all the bells and whistles: You can stream 4K-content in HDR and that for a very affordable price. With the streaming player also comes a remote, that makes navigation easy. Be it through button inputs or the handy voice assistant.

The Best for Enthusiasts

The Nvidia Shield TV

If you want to have the most open, versitile experience in media-streaming you have to go with the NVIDIA Shield TV. This device runs Android TV with the most powerful tech you can find in a streaming device. Besides streaming-video features, like streaming extremely high-quality media from PCs and harddrives, this also allows for the best gaming experience you can get on streaming media players.

The Best for a Tight Budget:

Google Chromecast

This one is most people’s choice if you want to try a streaming player but don’t want to spend too much money. You get a lot of value for your money. Google has built in countless features into this very cheap device. From the Google Assistant, to Smart home integration and the gigantic App store, there is a ton to like. What it doesn’t bring to the table are advanced features like 4K and HDR support.

How to choose a Streaming Media Player

Right now there are tons of different ways to stream media, both from your own devices and from services like Netflix and Amazaon Prime. The primary goal of a video-streaming player is to make all those options available to you, by allowing you to download apps for streaming services, as well as to access your own devices.

One confusing point is the fact that those different video-streaming players runs different operating systems. Most of them you will probably know, like Android TV, Apple’s TV OS etc. The good thing is, most of those platforms allow you access to tons of different apps and services.

Another thing you have to consider is the type of media you are consuming. Because depending on wether you for example watch a lot of high resolution videos, or only lower quality content, you should pick a different device. The most important thing you should look at is 4K and HDR. If you have media that are 4K and HDR, or you have services like Netflix that support those formats, make sure to get a streaming video player, that also lets you consume your media in those higher quality tiers.